【ALINA of the Arena】攻略 ゲームイベントの日本語訳

ALINA of the Arena(闘技場のアリナ)の攻略 ゲームイベントの日本語訳です。




the Alchemist


You visit an alchemist whom is rumored to grant people power.

However, upon your request, he replies, You can't gain something without giving something in return. So, what will it be?

"Gain strength at the cost of defense.",
"Gain defense at the cost of strength.",
 "Give up and leave."




  1. 力を得る代わりに防御を差し出す
  2. 防御を得る代わりに力を差し出す
  3. 諦めてその場を去る


the Host's Request

ジ・ホスツ リクエスト(主催者の要望)

You visit an a The host comes up to you and starts complaining about the lack of spectacle in recent matches, The audience needs to see more action!

he exclaims. He wants you to add something extra to your matches, and promises a better reward."

"More physical clashing.",
"Show off a dazzling combo.",
Deal massive damage."




  • もっと物理的にぶつかり合う
  • まばゆいばかりのコンボを見せつける
  • 大ダメージを与える


Speed Challenge

スピード チャレンジ(速さへの兆戦)

A cloaked figure sneaks up from behind and quietly greets you, 
"Gladiators aren't allowed to bet on themselves, but I can help you, for a small fee of course... heh heh. What do you say?"

"Bet on high odds.",
"Bet on low odds.",
"Ignore them and leave."




  • 高いオッズに賭ける
  • 低いオッズに賭ける
  • 彼らを無視してその場を去る


Damage Challenge

ダメージ チャレンジ(損傷への兆戦)

A cloaked figure sneaks up from behind and quietly greets you,

"Wanna place a bet on yourself? I can help you, for a small fee of course... heh heh. So how about it?"
 "Bet on high odds.",
"Bet on low odds.",
"Ignore them and leave."




  • 高いオッズに賭ける
  • 低いオッズに賭ける
  • 彼らを無視してその場を去る


Crazed Fan

クレイズド ファン(熱狂的なファン)

A fan approaches you with a crazed look in his eyes and grabs you by the arm.
"OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU! PLEASE HAVE THIS! He displays no intention of letting go...",
"Accept the gift.",
"Use something to distract him.",
"Wrestle your arm free and run."




  • 贈り物を受け取る
  • 何かで気をそらす
  • 腕を振りほどき逃げだす


Devil's Deal

デビルズ ディール(悪魔の契約)

Without warning, you're teleported to a dark void, and before you could comprehend what just happened, a deep voice appears in your head,

"Come, chosen one. Offer up your life force, and you shall receive great power"

"Greater agility.",
"More strength.",
"Deeper insight.",
"Dismiss the offer."



  • より大きな敏捷性
  • 更なる力
  • 深い洞察力
  • 申し出を断る


Disgusting Food

ディスガスティング フード(不快な食べ物)

Your daily meal arrives just as you're about to sit in a quiet corner.

Although you've long lost any hope for the food to be decent, staring at the plate of festering garbage, you decide to...     

"Eat it anyway. You can't fight on an empty stomach.",
"Dump it where it belongs and meditate instead."




  • とにかく食べた。空腹では戦うことはできない
  • それを捨て、代わりに瞑想した


Private Bar

プライベート バー(個人経営の酒場)

You're invited to a private bar by its boisterous owner, who announces upon your arrival that all your drinks tonight are on him.

The patrons watch with amusement as you decide what to order...   

"One glass is enough.",
"Three pints at least.",
"Slay the entire barrel."




  • 1杯で十分
  • 少なくとも3パイント(1パイント = 0.473 リットル)
  • 樽ごと倒せ


Equipment Thief

イクイプメント シーフ(装備泥棒)

You see a dark figure sneak out from the equipment shop, who then quickly approaches you after he notices you're watching.

"Hey, if you don't tell anyone, I can sell you some of this for cheap..."

"Buy cheap equipment.",
"Buy decent equipment.",
"Buy expensive equipment.",
"Tackle and bring him back to the shop for a reward."




  • 安い装備品を買う
  • ちゃんとした金額の装備品を買う
  • 高額の装備品を買う
  • タックルしてショップに連れ戻し報酬を貰う


The Mafia's Offer

ジ・マフィアズ オファー(マフィアからの申し出)

You're surrounded by the mafia, whose boss has grown tired of losing bets.

They "offer" you to help them win by doing something extra during your next match, and promises a handsome pay in advance...

"End the match as quickly as you can.",
"Perform a dazzling combo.",
"Finish the fight without taking any damage.",
"Refuse the offer."




  • 可能な限り試合を速く終わらせる
  • まばゆいばかりのコンボを繰り出す
  • ダメージを受けずに試合を終わらせる
  • 申し出を断る


Gacha Machine

ガチャ マシン(ガチャガチャの機械)

You see a strange machine with a sign on it, "Insert Coin For Items".

An overwhelming sense of curiosity urges you to find out what's inside.

"Give it a shot.",



  • 試しにやってみる
  • 立ち去る


Unhinged Cleric

アンヘンジド クレリック(精神異常の聖職者)

An unhinged cleric slowly walks up to you, then asks without reason,

"Dear child... do you seek fortune? Or blood?"

Although he speaks softly, his voice is full of madness...

"I seek fortune.",
"I seek blood."




  • 富を求める
  • 血を求める


Resigned Fighter

リザインド ファイター(絶望した戦士)

A fellow gladiator who has given up fighting sits on the ground in despair, selling off his belongings for the trip home.

Some of his wares look pretty decent.

"Buy heirloom equipment.",
"Buy item.",
"Ignore and leave."




  • 家宝の装備を購入する
  • アイテムを購入する
  • 無視してその場を去る


Conditional Auction

コンディショナル オークション(条件付きの競売)

Don't be shy! Come test your strength!

"Win a prize if you beat this young man at arm wrestling!" A tall, slender man wearing shades and a suit can be heard hollaring from afar as he points at a boy with spiky hair.

"Challenge the boy.",
"Ignore them and leave."





  • 青年に挑む
  • 無視してその場を去る


The Little Card Girl

ジ・リトル カード ガール(カード売りの少女)

You see a girl nervously unwrap a bundle of wares, "C-come have a look, they're all quality goods... Y-you won't be disappointed."

She seems worried about being caught and kicked out of the arena.

"Buy a cheap one.",
"Buy an expensive one.",
"Attack and rob her.",
"Ignore her and leave."





  • 安い物を買う
  • 高い物を買う
  • 彼女を攻撃して奪う
  • 彼女を無視してその場を去る


Angry Gambler

アングリー ギャンブラー(怒った賭博師)

An enraged gambler blocks your way and screams, "You made me lose everything!! I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY!!" It's clear that he won't easily let you go.

"Give him a good beating.",
"Use him to practice your skills.",
"Show some sympathy and pay him off."





  • 痛い目に遭わせる
  • スキルの練習台にする
  • 同情してお金を払う


Greedy Healer

グリディー ヒーラー(貪欲な治療者)

"Hey there..." A greasy-looking healer with the most disingenuous grin you've ever seen approaches you to offer his services...

"Basic Healing Package.",
"Deluxe Healing Package.",
"Super Deluxe Healing Package.",
"Ignore him."



  • 基本的な治療
  • 豪華な治療
  • 超豪華な治療
  • 彼を無視する


Mystery bag

ミステリー バッグ(不思議な鞄)

Mystery bags for sale!Buy one for a chance to win some epic gear!

The shop seems to be selling bundles of random items. If you're lucky, you could get more than what you paid for. Give it shot?"

"Buy a small bag.",
"Buy a medium bag.",
"Buy a large bag.",
"Ignore and leave."




  • 小さい鞄を買う
  • 中くらいの鞄を買う
  • 大きい鞄を買う
  • 無視してその場を去る


Medical Room

メディカル ルーム(治療室)

Exhausted, you drag yourself to the medical room, where a seasoned therapist gives you a glance before pointing impatiently at a list of services for you to choose from.

"Chiropractic Treatment.",
"Nevermind, it's too expensive."



  • カイロプラクティック治療
  • 電気治療
  • まだやれる、これは高すぎる


Tainted Blood

テインティッド ブラッド(腐敗した血)

You wake up to find yourself tied to an operating table.

"Don't worry, experiments like these are perfectly normal in the arena."

a small figure squeaks as they approach.

"After all, what better use is there for the lowlifes here? Heh heh..."

"Now come, which one do you want to try? I look forward to the results...

"Choose the red syringe.",
"Choose the black syringe.",
"Why not BOTH?"







  • 赤い注射器を選んだ
  • 黒い注射器を選んだ
  • 両方は駄目ですか?


Tainted Fruit

テインティッド フルーツ(腐敗した果物)

"Why hello there, you interested in buying this fruit? Heh heh."

a small figure squeaks as they approach you from behind.

"Don't mind the taste, I assure you the benefits are worth it... Heh heh."

Despite their unnatural appearance, the fruits give off a scent that compels you to take a bite.

"Buy the blue one.",
"Buy the yellow one.",
"Restrain yourself and leave."    






  • 青いのを買う
  • 黄色いのを買う
  • 自制してその場を去る




You find yourself having a vivid nightmare where you're being slowly drained by the surrounding darkness.

For some reason you're acutely aware that something must be discarded in order to escape...

"Give up a Combat.",
"Give up an Action.",
"Give up a Skill.",
"Give up a Power."




  • コンバットカードを捨てる
  • アクションカードを捨てる
  • スキルカードを捨てる
  • パワーカードを捨てる


Old Slave Fighter

オールド スレイヴ ファイター(老いた奴隷戦士)

You get the uneasy feeling that you're being watched,as you notice a tattered old gladiator in the corner.

He admires your fighting spirit, and offers to teach you some skills...

"Train with him.",
"Attack and rob him.",
"Ignore him."




  • 鍛えてもらう
  • 攻撃して奪う
  • 無視する


Old Lady

オールド レディー(老婦人)

An elderly woman shuffles toward you and slowly unveils the content in her basket.

"I brew these healing potions myself, but they're just as good as the branded ones sold in shops. Please show some sympathy and buy a bottle, will you?"

"Buy a small bottle.",
"Buy a medium bottle.",
"Buy a large bottle.",
"Attack and rob her."




  • 小瓶を購入する
  • 中瓶を購入する
  • 大瓶を購入する
  • 攻撃して奪う


Red & Blue Pill

レッド アンド ブルー ピル(赤と青の丸薬)

"You there, please, come."

a man in shades calls for your attention, then slowly unfolds his palms to reveal a red pill in his right hand, and a blue pill in his left. He gestures you to take a pick.

"Take the blue pill.",
"Take the red pill.",
"Ignore him and leave."





  • 青い丸薬を取った
  • 赤い丸薬を取った
  • 無視してその場を去る


Royal Dining Hall

ロイヤル ダイニング ホ-ル(王室の食堂)

You finally have the chance to visit the extravagant royal dining hall.

Thinking you've come prepared, you are nonetheless shocked when you see the prices of each dish.

Having come all this way, you decide to...

"Eat all you can, money is meant to be spent.",
"At least order a main dish.",
"Maybe just grab a dessert.",
"Nevermind, it's too expensive."





  • 食べ放題にしよう、お金を使うものだ
  • せめて主食を頼もう
  • デザートだけにしよう
  • 高すぎるので諦める


Personal Training


A butler in an impeccable suit approaches you with a smile and a bag of gold.

"A good day to you, great warrior. My young master is enamored with the way you fight, and insists to have you train him in person. However, I ask that you refrain from injuring him..."

Although he speaks politely, it's clear that you have no choice.",

"Accept the offer and teach some moves.",
"Accept the offer and take some hits.",
"Attack and rob him."





  • 提案を受け入れ、動き方を教える
  • 提案を受け入れ、当て方を教える
  • 彼を攻撃し奪う


Cursed Sword of the Basement

カースド ソード オブ ダ ベースメント(地下室の呪われた剣)

You're given the opportunity to pick any weapon you like from an old storeroom, but hours of searching turns up nothing but rusted junk.

Just as you are about to give up, you notice the demonic aura of a peculiar sword in the corner.

You tell yourself to stay away from it, but the sword is already in your hands...

"Follow the urge and take the sword.",
"Resist the urge and leave it."





  • 衝動に従い、その剣を取る
  • 衝動に抗い、その場を去る


Soul-Devouring Sword

ソウル デボアリング ソード(魂を貪り喰う剣)

"You there, please wait!

a crooked old man croaks as he approaches you with a sword in his arms.

"Take this blade, it has chosen you as its master... You must have it!"

You sense a powerful curse coming from the sword, as if it craves a new host.

"Take it.",
"Refuse and leave."






  • それを受け取る
  • 断りその場を去る


Training Room

トレーニング ルーム(訓練室)

You've heard that the arena's training room provides excellent results.

Now that you finally have the chance to use it, you decide it would be best to...

"Engage in muscle training.",
"Engage in high-intensity muscle training.",
"Engage in pain conditioning.",
"Engage in high-intensity pain conditioning."



  • 筋力トレーニング
  • 猛烈な筋力トレーニング
  • 痛みに慣れるトレーニング
  • 猛烈な痛みに慣れるトレーニング


Used Weapons Collector

ユーズド ウェポン コレクター(中古武器収集家)

A wealthy looking collector approaches you, claiming to be an admirer of your performances.

He offers to buy one of your weapons for a handsome price, so that he may add it to his collection.

For some reason you can hear him breathing heavily...

"Sell the weapon in your left hand.",
"Sell the weapon in your right hand.",
"Ignore him and leave."





  • 左手の武器を売る
  • 右手の武器を売る
  • 彼を無視してその場を去る